Driving digital innovation
since 2006

We are specialists in high quality design and creative technology for digital media products.

We are a full service agency from strategy to build and support.

We are based in London and New York but have clients all over the world.

A creative technology

2006 — The original 4Od

Our foundations came out of the UK broadcast industry

After designing some of the first online video products for the BBC and Channel 4, Ostmodern was formed to bring design excellence and positive change to the way people consume digital media. Our knowledge and experience underpin the way we work and are driven by our values.


Staying ahead of the curve

Today, we are a large multi-disciplinary team of consultants, designers, engineers and content delivery experts. Whether engaged on a complete design-and-build or supplying an integral part of a larger project, we pride ourselves on delivering bold, inventive thinking, guided by deep experience and expert knowledge.

An international
client base

We have clients spread mainly in Europe, the U.S. and Asia but work across the globe. We collaborate with people to develop unique digital products and services, which meet or surpass their business goals.


26 Leonard St

+44 (0) 203 215 0041

New York

244 Fifth Avenue
Suite 1287
New York, NY


What Ostmodern
means to us

‘Ostmodern’ translates from the German as ‘Eastern Modernism’. It is a term used to describe striking Eastern European Modernist architecture from the post-war era.

We adopted the name to underline the rigorous ethos we bring to our work, with the goal of making digital media the equal of print, motion, and product design, at a time when we felt this was lacking in the industry. This rigour persists in our work today.