A new look and feel for the Royal Opera House

Ostmodern is proud to announce its role in the redesign of the Royal Opera House’s digital properties.
June 8, 2022

Working closely with the Royal Opera House branding team, we developed a new UI design system, referencing their physical posters and programmes to create alignment between their existing brand and online presence.

“Simplification was integral to our process, we focused on making things easier to understand and navigate from a user perspective and more efficient from an internal workflow perspective.” — Tim Bleasdale, Founder, Executive Creative Director, Ostmodern.

The event pages are central to the designs and we developed a variety of options to give the Royal Opera House maximum flexibility whilst concealing all back end complexity from the user experience.

Here at Ostmodern, we are experts in creating shared frameworks that enable the creation and efficient maintenance of consistent and delightful user experiences across an organisation’s digital properties.

The new design system we created empowers the Royal Opera House by reducing complexity. This means that their teams are unburdened, Developers save time building new services and editing via Prismic CMS is far less complex. Designers can ensure the site meets the highest standards and develop styles across platforms. Additionally, everybody understands how to work with the design system to minimise complexity in the future.

The new design system takes a more classic and minimal approach. Working closely with the development team, we delivered a physical design system with reusable code and updated our designs in places to be consistent with what was possible in the build. The Royal Opera House now have a fully reusable design system with design files for reference that can be updated with ease.