Arsenal's Ben Ladkin talks about redesign

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Ben Ladkin, Arsenal Media Group's operations manager, recently gave a talk about the redesign, which Ostmodern did the UX and design for. The redesigned site went live in February 2013 and has continued to evolve since then, with tweaks triggered by website analytics and user research. A video of the talk can be found here.

Ben talks about Arsenal Media Group 's place within Arsenal Football Club, and how they are in a unique position to produce and publish fantastic content. He explains Arsenal's goals of increasing reach and engagement from fans, which will trickle through to revenue generation. He then discusses the redesign project, particularly the value of user involvement throughout, and how he managed internal stakeholder relationships.

The talk took place at friends of Ostmodern, Bunnyfoot's, office in London. We did many days of Arsenal prototype testing at Bunnyfoot, during the redesign project and after the site went live, to learn how users were engaging with the redesign. redesign project

It was great to hear our client's perspective of a project, especially the successes and improvements. Thanks to Ben for an interesting talk and Bunnyfoot for hosting.

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