Ostmodern & Channel 4 define a new future for 4oD, “All 4”

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Ostmodern have been working with Channel 4 since 2006 when we designed the initial incarnation of 4oD (4 on Demand). Since then we’ve worked with the Channel 4 team on a host of projects, including design for, various Iterations of 4oD, product forecasting and strategy. We can now reveal what we have been working on with Channel 4 for the last 9 months.


Today Channel 4 announced a new direction for 4oD & which sees their digital footprint become more cohesive and streamlined. “All 4”. This is an ambition long held by ourselves and the team at Channel 4. In 2015 we will see the development of a leaner and keener service with one destination for each show and a much bigger focus on VoD in general whether it be long-form or short-form content.


At the heart of the All4 concept is time. What can I catch up on? What is on Channel 4 now? What can I look forward to next week? This concept will run throughout the service providing context within currently airing shows, whilst surfacing the unique Channel 4 VoD archive as “Box-sets”.


Initial articles herald the demise of 4oD, however we like to think we’ve designed a world where 4oD has eaten the rest of Channel 4's initial experiment with VoD personalisation “My 4oD”, goes large, becoming “My 4”, a real destination for users to keep track of their viewing. For the first time, supporting content such as interviews and interactive experiences will be presented as a supplement to full length VoD content in the same space .


Here’s what David Abraham has to say about our endeavours:

“We believe All 4 will deliver the most advanced broadcaster response to changing viewer behaviour in the digital age, It will help ensure that our content portfolio remains an important, valued part of viewers’ TV consumption for decades to come.”

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