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Ostmodern are delighted to announce the result of our latest collaboration with Channel 4. "All 4"; a new digital service replacing and 4oD.


For most of 2014, a team from Ostmodern co-located and collaborated with the online product team at Channel 4 to help realise the user experience strategy and visual UI design for All 4 across desktop, tablet and phone. All 4’s global design language, encapsulated in the All 4 Experience Guide, also emerged from this collaboration.

Fundamentally it’s yet another sign that broadcasters no longer view online as an adjunct to their main mission, but as central to modern television."

from Radio Times: Channel 4's 4oD replacement All 4 reviewed: "Apparent simplicity masks a great deal of thought"

All 4 represents a huge shift in the way a broadcaster engages their digital audience, putting programming truly at the heart of Channel 4’s digital presence. The ambition was for All 4 to be not just an extension of Channel 4, but a service which is the primary destination for Channel 4’s audience to watch their current favourite programmes, discover new (and classic) programmes, delve deeper into extended brand content and become enthused and excited about what Channel 4 is producing in the weeks and months to come.


Ostmodern and Channel 4 have collaborated on various projects in recent years. All 4 was a natural progression of those projects. From the success of 4oD it became apparent that Channel 4’s digital audience was primarily focused on viewing on demand. Other services offered on including various channels, lifestyle categories and separate programme support microsites were attracting significant but smaller audiences. The All 4 project was borne out of the realisation that On Demand viewing should be at the heart of all of the Channel’s services.

Channel 4 is proud to work with Ostmodern. Over the years they have been integral in helping us develop a first class On Demand service. They were the obvious design partner to work with to bring Channel 4’s new digital service - All 4 - to life."

Stephen Hardingham; Head of Design at All 4

With years of intelligence through user-testing and engagement with Channel 4’s audience to draw on, it became clear that the key to achieving this goal was to mirror the audience’s mental model of Channel 4 the broadcaster, as a service.


Ostmodern wanted All 4 to do what a broadcaster does best. To entertain, inform and engage audiences in a beautifully branded digital eco-system that offers simple and effective user journeys to specific content. Central to this vision was time. The audience would ask, "What can I catch up on? What is on now? What’s coming up in the next week?" Also, within the concept of programmes themselves, people wanted to know, "Which is the most recent episode? What have I missed?" The team started by looking at the life-cycles of programmes and series and set out to produce a UI which reflected these timelines with simplicity and elegance. This timeline concept forms the backbone of the All 4 service, and sets the template for future development.

The team also designed new ways of discovering and searching the service for more goal driven users, and have designed way of integrating more personalised and social aspects of the service through My4 where users can keep track of their viewing and receive personalised recommendations.

The Visual design of All 4 took inspiration from the new All 4 brand (developed by Channel 4’s in-house creative agency, 4creative) to produce a comprehensive and responsive design language which informs all aspects of the All 4 UI across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Ostmodern’s wealth of knowledge and experience of the On Demand sector, commitment to creating streamlined user experiences along with their sensitivity and purist approach to visual design ensured the new All 4 brand would arrive on the scene matching all of Channel 4’s aspirations for the service."

Stephen Hardingham; Head of Design at All 4


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