People are at the core of our culture and work

Our goal is to unlock the full potential of every product experience we create - for the end user, our clients, and the teams that work to deliver that experience.

This requires effective collaboration where people have the freedom and space to do their best work. We consciously foster a culture that is informal, welcoming, and productive.

Our studio
A collective, inclusive space

The physical space we work in is designed to facilitate our collaborative working style. Elements of it are customisable, allowing us to create flexible areas that allow everyone, including clients, to define products together.

“Everyone here is really collaborative, supportive and invested in making innovative ideas a reality.”
"A collective and inclusive approach to product design and development forms part of our core values; we openly encourage ideas and debate from staff and clients alike"
"Co-locating, workshops, training sessions; We believe in working alongside our clients in whatever way helps them with their most difficult challenges"

Our values
What we believe...


We believe in quiet, purposeful
invention and innovation

We set up Ostmodern as an antidote to ‘throwaway innovation’. We’ve never believed in innovation for its own sake. We work harder to get to the nub of the problem - as a result, we’ve learned to find opportunities for innovation in unexpected places.

We’re not into gimmicks: we’ve always wanted to provide real benefits to users and businesses; we prefer to create effective strategies, efficient code, and beautiful design that lasts. We’ve realised that small but impactful changes on big products are to be proud of; that it’s worth creating a frictionless UI which is at its best when users don't notice how brilliant it is – because it just works.


We believe that to break the rules you must first master them

We have a great knowledge base at Ostmodern, which we have maintained and built on over the years. Because we’re naturally inquisitive, our thinking often supersedes industry trends, gets to the heart of how user behaviours are changing, and expands on technology.

We don’t believe in shortcuts. We are considered and rigorous, and always support each other to become even better in this approach.


We believe that creating products is a collective and inclusive pursuit

Ostmodern started off small, but we have always punched above our weight. We’ve done this by understanding our clients and working with them to attain often difficult goals. If a client isn’t satisfied, we take the time to understand why.

We’ve always believed that different viewpoints are additive, not competitive, so we make sure our experience and expertise is cumulative and shared, building on the work done by others. We know that if someone has a problem, it’s our problem, because we succeed or fail together.


We raise and solve problems, we don’t avoid them

With each new project we encounter new unknowns, audiences, technology and more, but we’ve always been confident that we will find the knowledge we need to tackle every challenge.

We know it’s important to be transparent when we come across any problems and be honest about these. Without being able to raise, discuss, and confront challenges with our clients and peers, we wouldn’t have got very far.


We are always aware of the value each of us brings

We have different and complementary skills. (That’s what originally brought us together.) We don’t try to do everything if others can do better in particular areas: we ask advice or delegate.

As a company, we invest time and money in new opportunities where we believe we can create or add value. We don't take on work where we can’t add value – this is what makes us specialists.


We're only as good as those we work with - and we want to be the best

We’ve always wanted to work on pioneering, high profile projects, and have been proud that the people who work here want to do their best work.

A passion for what we do is obvious to our clients, and this is why they work with us. We hire bright individuals, and encourage them to learn and ask questions. We want to help people fulfil their potential whether they are a client, a partner, or a colleague.

Does this
sound like you?

Our best assets are the talented and friendly members of our team. They are individuals who are always keen to learn more and strive to create the best design, code, and products, in the industry.

We hire bright, inquisitive people who work together to learn, create, and grow.