Revolutionising the Channel 4 experience


Reposition video on demand from playing a supporting role, to being at the very centre of Channel 4’s digital presence.


A complete rework of Channel4.com, 4oD and associated apps to become All 4, the digital home of Channel 4 with video at its core.

Strategy & Design
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Channel 4 is a leading television network in the UK. From the success of Ostmodern’s previous work on 4oD (the channel’s award-winning streaming service), it became clear that users were increasingly watching video, while the audience for Channel4.com’s other offerings, such as its lifestyle microsites was dwindling. The All 4 project was conceived to address this change and provide a  home for the whole Channel 4 network.

  1. Architectural overhaul: due to organic expansion, the Channel4.com architecture had become inefficient, with many disparate sections and inconsistencies to be resolved.
  2. Respond to user needs: 80% of Channel 4’s audience now used 4oD. We had to capitalise on this user base in order to reinvigorate Channel4.com.
  3. Better technology: work with multiple technical platforms to improve the implementation of metadata, scheduling, and editorial curation.
  4. Flexibility: the underlying design system had to account for many different types of show structure, programmes often moving on and off the service, and associated short-form content.
  5. Ongoing rebrand: a new brand for All 4 was being developed as we were designing the service. We had frequent sessions with the branding team to ensure our work was in line with theirs.



Collocation: a team from Ostmodern collocated, collaborated, and integrated, with the internal Channel 4 team. This allowed us to understand the challenges in detail, make realistic and achievable design decisions, tackle difficult tasks early, and achieve 'buy-in' from the business.

Listening to users: it quickly became apparent that answering the questions foremost in users’ minds would be central to our concept. These included: What can I catch up on? What is on now? What’s new to watch? For a specific programme these were: Which is the most recent episode? What have I missed?

Content lifecycle: analysing the lifecycle of content allowed us to get the details right. For example, how should we communicate the difference between a 'box set' and a returning series? This helped us design an interface that could get the right information across, at the right time, with simplicity and elegance.

All4 - Our Approach

A focused


We designed the experience strategy and visual UI for All 4 across desktop, tablet, mobile and TV. The result was a leaner and keener service with one destination for each show and a much bigger focus on streaming video, whether it be long or short-form content.

All4 - A focused service



A single destination which allows users to see what’s coming up, what they can catch up on, and brings out the best of channel 4’s archive of boxsets.

All4 - Time-based homepage

Delve deeper

on show pages

For the first time, supporting content - such as interviews and interactive experiences - was presented as an optional supplement to full-length video on demand content in the same space.

All4 - Delve deeper on show pages



Viewing figures and conversion rates saw an immediate increase. User testing of All 4 showed us that the new architecture resulted in audiences discovering more unique content (such as archive) and successfully extending their journeys with related short-form extras.

All4 - Increased traffic


Audiences have had a particularly positive response to My4 where they can keep track of their viewing and receive personalised recommendations.

All4 - Personalisation
“ Channel 4 is proud to work with Ostmodern. Over the years they have been integral in helping us develop a first class On Demand service. They were the obvious design partner to work with to bring Channel 4’s new digital service - All 4 - to life ”

Stephen Hardingham
Head of Design, Channel 4

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