BBC Store

BBC Store

Making the unmissable, ownable


Create an online service where UK residents can buy digital content from the BBC archive.


A world-class video on demand product which opened up 70 years of broadcasting history to the British public and provided a core model for a global product.

Strategy & Design
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BBC Store
BBC Store
BBC Store


Having previously sold physical copies of programmes from their archive, the BBC wanted to set up an online store. The BBC engaged us to lead the strategy, user experience and visual design, and alongside their internal team to build the product.

  1. iPlayer relationship: develop a strategic relationship which clearly communicated the proposition of Store without weakening the image of iPlayer, the UK’s most-used VoD service.
  2. A clear consumer proposition: the product had to convince users of the value of owning digital content. Given the licence fee model, the product would have to convince many consumers that purchasing on-demand content was not the same as paying again for content they’ve already bought.
  3. Distinctive branding: create a brand that took its cue from iPlayer while feeling separate and distinctive.



Strategy, prototyping & testing: Ostmodern worked with BBC digital sales teams and content editors to explore ways of introducing, packaging and merchandising the content, to show the value, size and makeup of the catalogue. We prototyped and tested a range of designs, to understand which resonated most with potential BBC Store audiences.

Collocation/collaboration: Ostmodern’s strategic consultants and designers worked hand in hand with BBC content editors, product owners and technical teams for 12 months as the concept was developed, user tested and refined, and the final product was planned. We then embedded front end, iOS and Android developers within BBC teams to build responsive web, and the native iOS and Android apps.

BBC Store - Our approach

Sense of


The product had to convince users of the value of owning digital content. To do that, the service needed to clearly define and communicate what it means to own content digitally - doing for digital ownership what iPlayer did for catch-up.

BBC Store - Sense of ownership



The final UI was based on a scalable design system, catering for any content types from 50+ year old archive programming through to current blockbuster titles.

BBC Store - Scalable design



The language and patterns of the interface were designed such that it could form the core of other BBC services. These later served as the basis for BBC Player which was developed in Singapore and Malaysia.

BBC Store - Global system
“ Ostmodern really impressed us with their energy and creativity on BBC Store. Since then, we've retained them as close partners on a number of high profile BBC Worldwide projects. There simply isn't another company in the VOD design and build space with the same breadth of experience, creativity and pragmatism ”

Gulliver Smithers
VP Product Management, BBC Worldwide

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