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BFI Player

Reimagining film curation


Design and build a second-generation viewing experience for a specialised global audience.


A highly innovative, beautifully designed on-demand product with user experience, curation and collections at its heart.

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BFI Player
BFI Player
BFI Player


With a remit to support the British film industry and to grow audiences across the world for independent and specialised film, the BFI needed to provide a forward-looking service that would allow it to stay competitive against the rising digital media giants as well as offer an exceptional place for independent filmmakers to show their content. They asked us to lead the strategy, user experience and visual design, and build.

  1. Specialised audience: while the BFI has a broad audience, this has highly discerning and specific taste, presenting the intricate task of providing to a wide group of people with very individual likes. The tone, language and interactions had to resonate strongly with their values to succeed.
  2. Mix of models: the product needed to accommodate a range of models to allow viewers to watch content for free, rental, and subscription.
  3. Collections: the interface had to match the high quality of content and turnover of collections and feel extremely polished.
  4. Editorial: enable a small editorial team to manage and make challenges to collections quickly and easily.



Focusing on the data: Using data from in-depth interviews with 1,000 users we reconsidered every aspect of the product and the user journey, from technical architecture and operational procedure, to curatorial workflow and content discovery.

BFI - Our Approach


strategic direction

The redesigned product allowed the BFI to move in a new strategic direction, aligning its unique cultural and commercial priorities with a rich and rewarding user experience.

BFI - New strategic direction



Curation is at the heart of the product - we equipped the BFI team with flexible and sophisticated editing tools to allow them to make the most of their passion and unique heritage to create compelling film collections.

BFI - Expert curation



The service was optimised to highlight the range and quality of the 1,400 films available and to present them in the most engaging and accessible way, whether the user is online or accessing the service on an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

BFI - Unique collection

Built with


The service was one of the first to be built on our content management system Skylark, enabling the BFI to present an excellent body of films to their varied user base.

BFI - Built with Skylark
“The scale of BFI Player’s terrain is broader and more complex than any other on-demand service, creating a unique set of challenges for its digital products. Time and again, Ostmodern have answered these challenges with beautiful and intuitive user experiences that bring our programme and collections to life in ways that feel innovative yet natural. Their work sets the standard for video-centric digital products.”

Edward Humphrey
Director of Digital, BFI

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