Amplifying a content library


Design a new streaming service for exclusive FOX content across all devices, for access through providers such as Viaplay and Canal+.


A beautifully designed series of apps which focus on drawing out the high quality of FOX content.

Strategy & Design
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FOX+ is an extension to existing third party offerings. It has a small catalogue focused on maximising the rights value of FOX's high quality content in new regions. Working with the client we identified elements of the proposition that make it unique and compelling. Drawing on competitor analysis, benchmarking, and user insights analysis, we collectively defined a vision for FOX+.

  1. Great quality, not quantity: develop strategies that would make the most of a small catalogue, playing to FOX’s strengths in having high quality shows.  
  2. Reinvigorate the content: spend effort merchandising content in order to do it justice and find a new audience for it.
  3. 'Passive personalisation': learn how to draw on user data to surface programmes a user has a real interest in.
  4. A premium visual standard: implement a strong new digital interaction brand for FOX+, underlining the exclusivity and premium nature of the content.
  5. Enhanced automation: create detailed rules and tools for the reordering of content dependent on usage. Help the small number of editors make the interface more inviting and conversational across multiple countries and regions.



Multiplatform prototype testing: our work had to be delivered to meet an aggressive timescale. It fell into two main phases – discovery and concept where we developed the proposition and ‘vision’ for FOX+. We quickly created prototypes and carried out two rounds of user testing to learn as much as we could about the pros and cons of the overall proposition, and the interaction design from TV to mobile.

Iterative production: the testing allowed us to resolve any issues quickly and clearly, as well as to plan and work through a production phase where we created comprehensive interactive documentation for delivery to the FOX development team.

FOX - Our Approach


the content

With a focus on sumptuous imagery, only the necessary information on screen at any one time, less clutter, and very simple interactions (with no carousels or complicated interactions), the result was a striking and original product whose core was about showcasing content. We tried some very polarising and unique approaches during the early testing and went with what users felt most comfortable with.

FOX - Showcasing the content



We relied on clever reordering of the small catalogue each time the user would visit or complete a season. We would retain their interest by recommending content in different but always relevant ways.

FOX - Content discovery


programme destinations

Each show had its own destination page where users could get enough information, trailers, and extras to be informed enough to start watching their next box set.

FOX - Comprehensive programme destinations



The interface focused on presenting strong supersized show imagery, typography and heavily branded interactions rather than trying to cram loads of content on screen.

FOX - Powerful imagery
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