ITV Box Office

ITV Box Office

A refreshing approach to pay-per-view


Create a site for audiences to watch live events produced by the UK commercial broadcaster ITV.


A beautiful, design-led product that focuses on building relationships with viewers.

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ITV Box Office
ITV Box Office
ITV Box Office


As part of a new commercial direction for the broadcaster, ITV created Box Office, a channel where viewers can sign up for and watch live events. We were asked to lead the design and build of the digital site, working with third parties on customer management and payment.

  1. Drive loyalty: create a digital product that would deliver individual pay-per-view events while also building loyal relationships with viewers.
  2. Complex entitlements: manage complex rights entitlements and payment plans, which vary by region.
  3. Strong branding: the user interface had to progress ITV’s marketing principles, which had been set by the business.
  4. Support revenue growth: drive new revenues for ITV to meet its business goals.



User journeys: while the process was largely design-led, a significant portion of the work meant focusing on building a product which would meet the capabilities of the third-party payment system as well as registration for Sky TV. We created a series of designs which we then tested with the client. We iterated on these before going into design production and build.

ITV Box Office - Our approach

Focus on


The interface is driven by very powerful imagery together with branding which we progressed to give the service a strong visual identity. This helped to create anticipation ahead of the live events.

ITV Box Office - Focus on imagery



The product was fully integrated with Sky TV, allowing viewers to watch the service through their existing credentials.

ITV Box Office - Linked entitlements

Where to


An important aspect of launching the service was building partnerships with other viewing platforms – these included Playstation & Freeview where viewers could watch each live event.

ITV Box Office - Where to watch

Powered by


The service was built on our content management system Skylark where ITV Box Office’s content and data structures could easily be reflected.

ITV Box Office - Powered by Skylark
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